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If this is you then you are in the right place...

  • You are a go getter. You enjoy finding your limits and know how to 'push through' when things get tough. But that doesn't seem to work anymore.

  • There is always something else you need to do. You struggle to say no to people and can't find the time to check in with your own health.

  • You are conscientious about your health or your training and have done your research. But now feel paralysed by conflicting information. Is it supposed to be this complicated?

  • You are used to being the strong one, in control, able to deal with anything. But right now you feel overwhelmed and just want to hide from the world.


  • You have an anxious or busy mind. Or have become preoccupied with your symptoms. You struggle to switch off and have started avoiding triggers.

  • You are normally outgoing with a love for life. But lately you've lost your passion and drive for what matters to you most. You just don't feel yourself.

  • You experienced a difficult childhood or traumatic event and are starting to wonder whether that's got something to do with your health now.

  • Sometimes it feels like you have tried everything, seen every health practitioner out there. But you still don't feel right. At times you just want to give up, but a part of you knows you can feel better.

Book a complementary call to discover how you can start taking control of your health

My approach works for

  • Busy professionals including those in the helping professions.

  • People with little time for themselves.

  • Sportspeople, climbers and other outdoor lovers.

  • People who want to optimise their health and performance.

  • Those with a few niggles they want to get on top of or who are feeling a bit run down.

  • Those looking for help with a health condition including complex conditions and those who have been unwell for a long time.


We share these values

  • You love life, and want to get back out there doing what matters to you most be that your work, sport or family life.

  • You are ready to make your health your number one priority and do what it takes to feel better.


  • You want to invest time in learning and implementing strategies that will support your health long term and are not just a quick fix.

  • You are ready to hear new ideas and try new things.

  • You enjoy working with health practitioners to find strategies that work for you, rather than being told what to do.


Book a complementary call to discover how you can start taking control of your health

The most important thing is that you and I are a good fit

But some issues I particularly enjoy supporting people with are...

  • stress

  • low energy

  • chronic fatigue

  • Long Covid

  • burnout

  • overtraining

  • loss of motivation

  • low libido

  • hormone imbalance

  • mood swings

  • high blood pressure

  • thyroid and adrenal issues

  • anxiety and busy mind

  • low mood

  • brain fog

  • poor memory and concentration

  • sleep issues

  • digestive issues

  • food sensitivities

  • sensitivities e.g. light, sound, EMF

  • tinnitus

  • chronic pain

  • autoimmunity

  • other chronic conditions

  • trauma-related symptoms

  • nervous system dysregulation

  • undiagnosed or multisystemic issues


Your first step

For many people, low energy is the first sign that something is up.


Get my Top Tips for Energy Balance, and discover some simple strategies to help you feel more energised throughout the day.

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When you're ready...


This is a 20 minute video call during which we can talk over your health concerns, answer any queries you may have about what to expect from my approach, and discuss options for working together.

If you are wondering

Is my approach for you?

Click here to find out the five principles I use to help you on your road to health.

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