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How it works

Here are five principles I like to keep in mind when someone comes to see me:

1) Every road to health is different, just as every body is different. No one else can prescribe it to you. But they can walk with you and give guidance. Don't feel you have to go it alone.


2) Your body holds the answers you are looking for. The key is to learn its language (sensation and emotion) and ask the right questions: How do you really feel? What makes you feel good? What do you need right now?


3) Your body needs to feel safe in order to prioritise healing and recovery. You can help it to feel safe by learning to listen to what it needs. Engaging all of your senses and noticing what brings you joy and pleasure is so nourishing.


4) Health is about balance. And there are two sides to every equation. Making more room for what truly fills you up in life will build you up and nudge out those things that don't serve you.


5) There is always choice – more than you might think. The freedom to choose is powerful and helps create safety in the body. You can choose to take charge of your health.

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“When hungry, eat. When tired, sleep.”


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What we will look at

When someone comes to see me I ask myself: Why is this person struggling with their health? The answer may be very different for two people with the  same symptoms.

I find out: What great things does this person already have in their life that we can build on? 

Next I think about: What else does this person need to thrive? The body is always doing its best for us with the resources available (even if it doesn't always seem like it). And it will always move towards greater health when nourished.

I also ask: What one thing can we move out of their way, that would make the biggest difference to how they feel? Because health isn't meant to be complicated. Health is about finding greater ease. So for an already overwhelmed body, less can be more.

We will consider the health of your body, mind, spirit and the environment around you. Your plan will be firmly evidence-based, and unique to you and your goals.

Spirituality doesn't have to mean anything very abstract. It can mean the times and places where life just makes sense, or where you feel most connected.

All of these factors are like the roots of a tree, determining whether health or dis-ease flourishes.

Your story is important. Other 'root causes' we will consider include your family history, medical history and life experiences.

The body has different systems that all work together such as the immune, digestive and detoxification systems.


Change in one system affects the other systems, usually in a process of dynamic homeostasis (balance) that results in good health. Ill health occurs when these systems become out of balance.

Our work together will be about supporting all the body's systems to come back into balance.

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We have functional testing at our disposal if we need more insight into where these imbalances lie. One of the most common tests to run is a stool test. This indicates which microbes you host in your gut.


The balance and diversity of this population - your microbiome - is a primary indicator of health, and something we will work to nourish.

The key word here is balance. We will be looking to restore balance in all areas of your life to help you feel and function at your best.

Please note that as a Nutritional Therapist, I do not provide medical treatment or diagnosis. I work alongside mainstream medicine, communicating with other healthcare professionals, to provide you with an effective healthcare plan.

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