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About me

Hi, I'm Ferdia, a BANT and CNHC-registered Nutritional Therapist based in Llanberis, Eryri (Snowdonia). I help people tired of dealing with chronic symptoms who want to feel like themselves again.


Prior to becoming a Nutritional Therapist, I spent ten years helping people to use research in order to make positive changes in their lives. This is something I care about deeply and is what brought me to Nutritional Therapy too.


I am an investigator and research enthusiast by nature. In addition to a Postgraduate Diploma in Nutrition Science and Practice, I have a Masters in Research Methodology and Design, professional research experience and have co-authored a book on analysis and critical thinking. I am highly skilled at interpreting research, making sense of complex information and teasing out what is most important to help people get where they want be.

As a registered practitioner I access monthly professional supervision, and complete at least 30 hours of Continuing Professional Development per year to support my practice.

I am also a dedicated and lifelong rock climber. I know what it means to enjoy participating in sport to a high level whilst managing health issues. And why you don't need to compromise health for performance. As a Nutritional Therapist, I can advise on nutrition for sportspeople with diagnosed health issues, which can be beyond the remit of sports nutrition professionals.


I am trained in the Functional Medicine approach, which seeks to address the root causes of ill health and disease. My approach also draws on the many brilliant methods and practitioners I encountered on my journey to get well including brain retraining, feminine spirituality and time spent with Andrea Cullen - a healer and Olympic nutritionist based in Ireland.


I have learned that the key to really helping people is building a trusting relationship and listening to their story. I am able to provide a space for you to feel truly safe, seen and understood as you find your way back to yourself and better health.


My journey healing from fatigue and multisystemic issues has opened my eyes to the power of diet, lifestyle choices and our own inner resources to resolve – and prevent – so many health issues. I never got a diagnosis, but felt such a difference after making a few simple changes that I want to share what I have learned in order that others can feel better too.


Currently, almost half of the population suffer with a long-standing health problem and in 2019, nearly 90% of UK deaths were due to 'lifestyle' diseases. This number is growing and whilst mainstream medicine is brilliant at providing emergency healthcare and prolonging life, it can struggle to support people to live well.


It's a privilege to be able to help people to get back into their bodies and notice the choices they have in life. So that they can break the cycle of stress and ill health, feel great and get back out their doing what they love.

When I'm not helping clients I am usually outside walking or rock climbing, getting in lakes or geeking out about health and performance over a coffee!

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Book a complementary 20 minute video call in order to talk over your health concerns, answer any queries you may have about what to expect from my approach, and discuss which programme may be best for you.

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