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In 2023, 100% of clients reported an improvement in their primary symptom after one month of their programme.

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Work with me

I offer three one-to-one programmes designed to help you on the road to health. Take a look to see which is right for you.

Until 22 December I will also continue to offer single consultations if you prefer to book in as you go. But for best outcomes and best value, I recommend booking a programme. This ensures you benefit from my 4 step Functional Medicine approach and between-session support.

We can meet online via Google Meet ups. Or, if you have a quiet and private space at home or elsewhere, I can travel up to 60 minutes by car from Llanberis in order to come to you. Please allow for fuel costs of 45p per mile.

My payment terms and cancellation policy live here.

My programmes


3-month programme

For those with niggling health issues or feeling a little run down. And those wanting to learn how to optimise their health and performance naturally.

What's included?

  • 90 min initial consultation

  • 1 or 2 x 60 min follow up consultations per month (you choose).

  • My 4 step Functional Medicine approach (below)

  • Email support

  • Option to purchase extra support time for £25 per half hour (this does not replace a full consultation).

£375 for 3 (£125/mo)
for 6 (£200/mo)


3-month programme

For people struggling with chronic symptoms who are tired of waiting to feel better. And athletes who require a deeper dive into a health or performance issue.

What's included?

  • 2 hour initial consultation

  • 1 or 2 x 60 min follow up consultations per month (you choose).

  • My 4 step Functional Medicine approach (below)

  • Up to 2 test interpretations included

  • 3 x 15 min monthly support calls.



£525 for 3 (£175/mo)
£720 for 6



5-month programme

Intensive support for those suffering with more complex issues. This programme leaves no stone unturned on the path to better health and enjoyment of life.

What's included?

  • Complex health questionnaire

  • 2 hour initial consultation

  • 1 or 2 x 90 min follow up consultations per month.

  • My 4 step Functional Medicine Approach (below)

  • Written report of Functional Medicine analysis

  • Up to 3 test interpretations included

  • 5 x 15 minute monthly support calls.

£1000 for 5 (£200/mo)
£1550 for 10


Initial consultation

90 mins

A first consultation encompassing Step 1 of my Functional Medicine approach (below).



1 x follow up

60 mins

A single follow up consultation tailored to where you are on your health journey.


Closeup Tomatoes

3 x follow up

3 x 60 mins

Three follow up consultations, offering the best value once your programme has ended.

£275 (saves £25)

What to expect

All of my programmes start with my 4 step Functional Medicine approach. They differ in the length of consultations, number of consultations and depth of investigation and support your Health Picture requires.

Step 1



Gathering a detailed picture of your health journey so far.

Pre consultation

  • Health questionnaire

  • 3 day diet and lifestyle diary

Initial consultation

  • Your Health Picture is mapped visually

  • Health history plotted

  • GP test interpretation

  • Supplements and medications noted

  • Initial nutrition and lifestyle recommendations

  • Learning resources and recipes shared

  • 7 day diet diary issued

Email or phone support

Step 2



Analysing your health picture and planting the first seeds for change.

Picture analysis

  • Functional Medicine  analysis of your case

  • Nutrient-medication interactions checked

7 day diet diary

Second consultation

  • Progress review

  • Discuss potential root causes and focus areas

  • Personalised Road to Health tailored to you and your lifestyle

  • Supplement and test recommendations*

  • 5% off supplements

Email or phone support

Step 3



Nourishing your body and mind with the proposed changes.

7 day diet diary analysis

  • Software analysis of your diary

  • Nutrient intake report

Functional testing

Any results analysed


Third consultation

  • Progress review

  • Review of supplements

  • Nutrient intake report shared and possible  imbalances discussed

  • Functional test reports and findings shared

  • Road to Health updated

  • Next steps discussed

Step 4

Illustrated Plant


My aim is to support you in achieving changes in your diet, lifestyle and health that you can continue building on independently.

Depending on the complexity of your picture and the progress you feel you have made, your next step will be to either:

Fly the nest

Congratulations! Well done on your progress.

You can of course come back any time you would like input.

Continue our work

Book additional consultations or carry on your Transform journey

*Cost of any supplements and tests not included. Additional test interpretation is priced at £50 for up to two tests.

Ready to book or wondering

Which programme is for you?

Click here to book a free 20-minute chat to find out more and see if we are a good fit

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