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How it works

Your road to health is built on these five principles:


1) Every road is different, just as every body is different. No one else can prescribe your road to better health and performance. But they can walk with you and give guidance. Don't feel you have to go it alone.


2) Your body holds the answers you are looking for. The key is to ask the right questions: How do you really feel? What makes you feel good? What do you need right now?


3) Your body needs to feel safe in order to prioritise healing and recovery. You can help it to feel safe by learning to listen to what it needs. Engaging all of your senses and noticing what brings you joy and pleasure is so nourishing.


4) Health is about balance. And there are two sides to every equation. We will make more room for what fills you up in life to strengthen you and nudge out those things that don't serve you.


5) There is always choice – more than you might think. The freedom to choose is powerful and helps create safety in the body. You can choose to take charge of your health.

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“When hungry, eat. When tired, sleep.”


What we will look at

All of my programmes start with my 4 step Functional Medicine approach. They differ in the length of consultations, number of contacts and depth of investigation and support your Health Picture requires.

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Spirituality does not have to be woo. It can just mean the situations or activities that help you make sense of things.


This layer refers to our unconscious experience including how in touch we are with our intuition.


The mental layer refers to the attitudes, thoughts and beliefs that influence our perception and reality.


The energy level pertains to our nervous system, breath, vitality and emotion processing.

The physical level is what most of us think of when we think of health - the body and its biochemistry. It includes our five senses.

There are many diet and lifestyle factors that influence your health and performance that we can consider when we put together your plan.

These factors  are like the roots of a tree, determining whether

health or dis-ease flourishes.

In fact, many modern diseases like arthritis, heart

disease and autommunity are also referred to as 

'lifestyle' diseases. Because of their association with a

typical Western diet and lifestyle.

Other 'root causes' of your health issues can be

your genetics, health history


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