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How it works

Your road to health is built on these principles:


1) Every road is different, just as every body is different. No one else can prescribe your road to health. But they can walk with you and give guidance. Don't feel you have to do this on your own.


2) Your body holds the answers you are looking for. The key is to ask the right questions: How do you really feel? What makes you feel good? What do you need right now?


3) Your body needs to feel safe in order to prioritise healing. You can help it to feel safe by learning to listen to what it needs. Engaging all of your senses and noticing what brings you joy and pleasure is so nourishing to the body.


4) Health is about balance. And there are two sides to every equation. Making more room for what fills you up in life will bolster you and nudge out those things that don't serve you, without having to waste energy 'cutting them out'.


5) There is always choice – more than you might think. The freedom to choose is powerful and helps create safety in the body. You can choose to take charge of your health. You can choose to nourish yourself.


What to expect

All of my packages start with the 4-step process below. They differ in the length of consultations, number of contacts and depth of investigation and support required.

Package details

Step 1



Gathering a detailed picture of your health journey so far.

Pre consultation

  • Health questionnaire

  • 3 day diet & lifestyle diary

Initial consultation

  • Health picture mapped visually

  • Health history plotted

  • Prior test results noted

  • Supplements & medications noted

  • Initial nutrition, lifestyle & therapeutic recommendations

  • Learning resources shared

  • 7 day diet diary issued

Support call(s)

Step 2



Analysing your health picture and planting the first seeds for change.

Picture analysis

  • Research and analysis of your health picture

  • Nutrient-medication interactions checked

7 day diet diary

Second consultation

  • Progress review

  • Discuss potential root causes and key areas

  • Personalised health action plan tailored to your lifestyle & budget

  • Any supplement and functional test recommendations

Support call(s)

Step 3



Nourishing your body and mind with the proposed changes.

Diary analysis

  • Software analysis of your 7 day diet & lifestyle diary

  • Nutrient intake report

Functional test analysis

Analysis of results of recommended tests

Third consultation

  • Progress review

  • Review of supplements

  • Nutrient report shared and possible  imbalances discussed

  • Health action plan updated

  • Next steps discussed

Step 4

Illustrated Plant


My aim is to support you in achieving changes in your diet, lifestyle and health that you can continue building on independently.

Depending on the complexity of your picture and the progress you feel you have made, your next step will be to either:

Fly the nest

Congratulations! Well done on your progress.

You can of course come back any time you would like input.

Continue our work

If you do not have the XXXX package, book additional consultations.

No stone unturned

At the pre and initial consultation stage, we will leave no stone unturned in order to better understand the root causes of your health issues. Functional Medicine provides a fantastic framework for investigating and mapping a picture of your health. But I take an even wider and deeper perspective.

Here is my pyramid of stones. Don't worry, we do not need to lift every stone every time. For example, you may not want to explore grounding practices, but you may be very interested to learn about the science behind different breath techniques. The pyramid simply serves as a reminder of ways forward. Let it spark your curiosity and if you are resistant to exploring something, try and ask yourself why.


There are many paths to health and no two will look the same. I will meet you where you are at, and be led by you.

0   A truly integral approach means nothing is left

      out of consideration. There is no one theory or

      framework that I use to inform my work with

      you, no silver bullet or magic protocol that I

      give everyone. Each plan is unique to you.


1    Research shows our body and mind are not

      separate but work together as one


2    Balance defines health. We might explore

      masculinity/femininity, inner/outer worlds,


3    Evidence-based practice has three legs: 

      research, professional experience and client

      values, wishes and views. All are equally

      important in promoting desired outcomes.

4   The four elements show up repeatedly in

      traditional medicine around the world and

      are useful concepts for exploring health

      even if their symbolism differs:

  •  air (breath, time outside, air quality)

  •  water (hydration, water quality, circulation)

  •  earth (grounding, soil quality)

  •  fire (heat and cold, metabolism, passion)

5    In an Integral Model there are five layers of

      being/healing. The first three can all be

      measured using scientific tools. Although the

      effects of the last two can be measured, they

      themselves currently cannot:

  • Matter/physical body (biochemistry, the five senses)

  • Emotional body (emotions, sexuality, nervous system, energy, prana or breath, meridiens, life force)

  • Mind/mental body (thoughts, beliefs, attitudes - our programming)

  • Soul/intuitive body/higher mind (intuition, collective consciousness).

  • Spirit (consciousness, oneness, God).

6    There are six foundational pillars of health

      in Functional Medicine: nutrition, hydration,

      movement, sleep and relaxation, stress and


7    Dr Klinghardt identifies seven sources of

      stress to the body. The body responds to all

      stresses in similar ways:

  • Environmental toxic exposure (heavy metals and solvents, pesticides, wood preservatives, off-gassing from plastics, teflon or textiles, molds, biotoxins from unresolved infections),

  • Biochemical and nutritional deficiencies

  • Structural misalignments

  • Interference from scars and other unhealed focal areas

  • Food intolerances and allergies

  • Geopathic stress and Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)

  • Transgenerational trauma or psychoemotional issues

8   Using Functional Medicine tools we will map

      a picture of your health and plot a timeline in

      our first consultation, incorporating eight

      sources of information: your story, signs &

      symptoms, health history, medications/

      supplements, antecedents (family & birth

      history)/genetics, mediators (factors

      preventing you from getting well), daily

      routine (circadian rhythm including exposure

      to natural light and darkness), your culture,

      lifestyle and dietary preferences.

9    Functional Medicine takes a systems

      approach to health, understanding that the

      body's systems work in dynamic balance to

      promote health. I consider nine key aspects of


  • Immune system

  • Neurological system

  • Digestive system

  • Endocrine system

  • Cardiovascular system

  • Lymphatic system

  • Detoxification pathways

  • Musculo-skeletal system

  • Mitochondrial function

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